Neuraltext AI Writer Tool Review 2022

AI Writer Can it write better than human?

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The process of creating content is one of the most time-consuming tasks for any business owner. If you’re looking for a content writer that can deliver quick content projects, then Neuraltext ai writer may be the right fit for you. It can do the work of an experienced content writer that produces quality content for your website without long waiting hours or due dates. This article is all about Neuraltext ai, an amazing AI backed content generation tool with a detailed review of its pricing plans, features and more. Let’s get right into it…

What is Neuraltext AI Tool?

NeuralText AI Writer is a writing assistant that automatically generates coherent and engaging content for your websites, social media, and other marketing materials, saving you the bother of coming up with original ideas.

NeuralText is a unique technology that allows you to improve the quality of your content by replacing it with information-oriented wordings of your choice. The AI analyzes your text, recognizes the topics your audience seeks and replaces your text with these topics while improving its readability simultaneously.

What’s more, is that Neuraltext is working on building great features on top of its initial product to help you focus on writing great content that holds relevance in 2022 and beyond!

Get your article, essay, research paper, or thesis written by the best AI writer available today! Neuraltext is powered by the Neural Network which is trained on one of the largest corpora of text data used for writing in English.

Based on deep learning algorithms, NeuroTags Technology is an artificial intelligence-based writer that generates unique and relevant content for customers.

This writer learns your style and content, writes like you, and helps you to increase productivity. AI writer is an excellent tool that can dramatically improve the writing speed of your texts and Paragraphs.

Neuraltext is developed in a way that resembles the quality of a human writer while offering better features and attributes that can beat a handwritten copy of content with some services that come free of cost. 

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Neuraltext AI Tool Features

Accuracy: The AI writer is extremely accurate and can even produce content that reads and has a human-like tone to it. 

Fast: Our AI writer can write thousands of words in a matter of minutes. You will be amazed by how fast the program works compared to other products on the market today.

Cost Effective: Neuraltext provides high-quality services at an affordable price point for all clients worldwide.

Easy to Use: The platform is very easy to use where you can write your content without any prior knowledge of coding.

100% Safe and Secure: The Neuraltext software does not store any of your information or data on their servers and deletes the content immediately after the AI writer has generated it for you. 

Originality: The AI writer produces original work that reads like a human and you‘ll be amazed by its personality and tone. It is backed by an algorithm that allows the writer to create this kind of content at scale.

Flexibility: With Neuraltext, you can order as much or as little content as you need. You can generate just one article or a hundred different copies of the same or anything in between. 

Affordability: They offer competitive pricing plans that are within your budget and will help you save money on writing costs.

High Quality: The AI writer is trained to produce high-quality content that reads like a human with properly framed sentences and minimal scope for any edits or corrections.

Efficiency: With Neuraltext, you won’t have to wait for fresh, original content that will help you grow your audience and boost sales, you can get the work done within a matter of hours or days at the most, saving you the time and effort. 

Specializations: Neuraltext offers you a wide range of topics so that you can pick the style and niche of your choice, including blog posts, articles, social media updates, and more. 

Convenient: You can get your content delivered anywhere in the world without having to worry about your audience type. It can write for you in any language and format, be it English, Spanish, or something entirely different. 

Reliability: Neuraltext is a reliable writing service that you can rely on to meet all your content requirements. It can produce quality content for clients across many industries and niches.

Accessibility: Neuraltext provides easy customer accessibility wherein you can contact them 24/7 via online chat system, email, or phone. They are always available to answer any questions you may have regarding the tool. 

Keyword Clustering Tool: The keyword clustering tool will help you find the right terms and phrases that fit in your content. It gives you a list of keywords that are related to your topic, so you can see how many people are searching for them. You can even filter it by country to see what words are popular in different areas around the world.

Integrations: For now, NeuralText only integrates with Google Docs via the add-on. The makers however do plan on creating multiple integration options with more applications in the coming months.

Content Optimization: The tool can also help you optimize your content by suggesting related keywords, adding them to your existing text, and showing you the number of searches for each term. You can see how many people are searching for a word in Google Trends, which shows how frequently it’s being used on the internet over time.

Proofreading: You can also use NeuralText to proofread your content. It will highlight any words that are misspelled and suggest alternative terms.

Plagiarism: The tool provides a plagiarism report, which tells you whether your content is 100% original or not. You can also use the application to search for similar documents on the internet and find out if they have been copied from somewhere else.

Google Translate: You can use NeuralText for translating between languages.

Neuraltext AI Tool Pros and Cons

All tools are not perfect. So, here is the list of Pros and cons that you must know before buying the Outranking AI tool.


Who can use the Neuraltext AI Tool?

I have been using this tool for the past couple of months and it has helped me to write a lot of content for my website. I also use it to generate research papers and articles that I submit for publication. The software is good at producing high-quality content that passes Copyscape and has less than a 1% error rate.

Bloggers: The tool can be used to write blog posts, articles, and research papers. It is also useful for creating content that you want to publish on your website but don’t have the time or resources to write yourself.

Businesses: The software can be used by businesses that need content in a rush, such as when they are launching a new product and need a lot of content quickly.

Content writers: The tool is great for content writers because it allows them to research topics, write articles and submit them for publication.

Students: Students can use this tool to write research papers, essays, and other types of academic papers.

Freelancers: The tool is useful for freelancers who need to write content for websites, blogs, or other publications.

Online marketers: Online marketers can use this software to create content that they can publish on their websites or distribute via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Journalists: Journalists can use this tool to write articles, blog posts, and other types of content. The software allows them to research topics and create content quickly.

Social media managers: Social media managers can use the tool to create content for social media posts that they can share with their followers.

Copywriters: Copywriters can use this software to write content for websites, blogs, or other publications. It allows them to research topics and create content quickly without having to worry about formatting issues such as spacing and font size.


NEURALTEXT AI WRITER is a powerful, fully automated, and lightning-fast editorial tool. It can save you countless hours by replacing your copywriters at the touch of a button. It is also quicker and more accurate than traditional methods as it raises no flags with Google.

  1. NeuralText is a topic-focused writer and can write absolutely anything you want. It can write any article with multiple genres to very specific work.
  2. NeuralText uses artificial intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and complex algorithms to create an excellent human-like text.
  3. NeuraltText has four exciting features:
  • The long-time-saving feature allows you to create beautiful content in less time than ever before with the help of pre-existing content. 
  • It can produce your best work by processing your customer review requests more efficiently using AI techniques. 
  • It reduces the number of errors by identifying inconsistencies even when editing text written by other people. 
  • It learns from past mistakes and makes you much better every day!

It has a simple yet powerful interface and is easy to learn and use, making it ideal for beginners as well as experienced content creators. 

Neuraltext AI Tool Customer Reviews & Ratings

Neuraltext AI Tool Pricing Plans

25 AI Text Generations
1 User
3 Users
Unlimited User
3 Content Analysis
Unlimited AI Text Generations
Unlimited AI Text Generations
Unlimited AI Text Generations
3 Keyword Reports
50 Content Analysis
Unlimited Content Analysis
Unlimited Content Analysis
50 Keyword Reports
150 Keyword Reports
Unlimited Keyword Reports
500 Cluster Credits
1500 Cluster Credits
Unlimited Cluster Credits
API Access

Final Verdict on Neuraltext AI Writing Tool

In conclusion, NEURALTEXT AI Writer checks that your text is grammatically correct and helps you write better written content. It also allows you to edit content that was generated by the AI, adding more personality to it.

It is an artificial intelligence-based text generator that can automatically write a large variety of structured and unstructured documents. It is easy to set up and use, and offers a similar user experience as Microsoft Word. In order to start using NeuralText AI Writer, you just need to install the application on your computer and provide it with the source text that you want to be transformed into a document written by an intelligent machine.

The software uses its natural language processing capabilities to analyze various meta-data properties of the source input text, such as its sentence structure, linguistic rules and patterns, keywords etc., in order to create balanced paragraphs containing sentences that follow a coherent narrative structure. While there are many other AI writing tools that work on creating excellent automated content, I personally loved Neuraltext for its SEO-friendly features as it helped me leverage content that I could use for my websites in order to get them to rank on Google. All in all, It is definitely the tool for you if you can manage to afford their pro subscription plan that offers the best features that are otherwise lacking in their free and basic plans. 

FAQs | Neuraltext AI Tool Review 2022

Yes, when you are within the document editor:
  • 1. Use the blog outline tool to generate an outline for the article

  • 2. Once you have the outline, you can use the bullet to paragraph tool for each header: just pick each item of the outline and let the AI generate some possibile paragraphs for that headline (from which you can choose one or more in combination, whatever you prefer).

SERP Analysis
AI Templates
Chinese (China)
Chinese (Traditional)
Haitian Creole
Myanmar (Burmese)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Scots Gaelic
Serbian Cyrillic
Serbian Latin
Sinhala (Sinhalese)
Spanish (Latin American)
Keyword Research/Keyword Cluster
All combinations of 92 languages for 213 countries.

Currently, we use Google Autocomplete to get the related keywords and Google Ads/ clickstream data from third-party providers for search volume.

Yes! You can try NeuralText without credit card. Just signup for a free account.

Yes! We offer monthly and yearly billing options. With the annual plan, you can save up to 15%.
Send us a mail if you want to be billed annually.

We use Stripe as payment gateway. Currently we only support Credit/Debit cards.

LTD buyers will always benefit from new features and updates.

We have a public roadmap where you can suggest a feature.

Submit a Support Ticket
If you are experiencing problems or have found any bug/error, please submit a ticket. We generally answer within 24/48 hours.
To submit a ticket, send an email to
Send Us an Email
For any question, you can reach out to us at:
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Join our FB community to stay updated, share ideas and learn new tips from other users!

We are sorry to see you to go! If you want to delete your account, send an email to

Neuraltext AI Tool Customer Support Options

The support I received from NEURALTEXT was fast, friendly, and efficient. They answered all of my questions and were very helpful during the whole process. This to me, is perfect as a customer as they have a responsive team that addresses your queries as and when required. 

Live Chat Support: This is the best way to get in touch with the team. You can ask them any questions you have about content creation or SEO. They will answer within 24 hours and if they cannot, they will let you know when they can get back to you.

Email Support: This is another great option if you want more detailed answers or are unable to use live chat support at that time. If you email them, they will reply within 24 hours (usually sooner).

Phone Support: If you are a small business owner, this is a great way to get in touch with the team. If you have any questions about your account or if there are issues with your site, they will help you solve them over the phone.

FAQs: This is another great resource for finding answers to common questions.

Video Tutorials: If you are not a fan of reading or looking through the FAQs, these videos can help you out. They walk you through common issues and how to fix them.