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Is the text builder ai lifetime deal worth it?

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TextBuilder Review Black Friday Lifetime deal 2022

Writing blog posts can be one of the most time-consuming tasks you’ll ever have to do. It’s a skill that requires a lot of practice and dedication. 

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a lot of ideas about how to improve your writing skills—but you don’t always know where to start.

If you want to write high-quality content and need a way to save time and energy, then is the perfect tool for you. 

It allows you to write great content in a fraction of the time it would take you to do so manually. 

The first ever Drag & Drop text builder for Affiliates! Create lengthy, excellent articles and reviews with a single click.


Grab the Textbuilder Lifetime Deal for just $99. No monthly subscriptions!

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Increase your blog’s affiliate revenue by writing. – Long-form text provider for bloggers and copywriters Write original and creative text 10 times faster.

You’ve always needed an AI writing assistant, and now you have one. Text generator for commercials, websites, and companies that is incredibly quick. 

Enter information to produce lengthy, high-quality advertisements, blog introductions, outlines, business growth suggestions, and more.

This article gives you a detailed review of how to use to automatically generate your blog posts and save you time and energy when you’re writing a post.

What is TextBuilder? - TextBuilder Review

 TextBuilder is an AI-based writing tool that lets you write content that is of high quality with precision and speed.

It uses the latest technology of AI which runs on accelerated GPU Cloud Servers.

TextBuilder can help you generate quick results of content within 2-5 seconds with the content type of your choice. 

It is easy to use with efficiency and quality that can get you to rank on Google.

 TextBuilder is an advanced AI writer that is perfect for marketers, bloggers, and people who work with content generation. 

It is one of the many affordable AI tools in the market that offers multiple content aids and formats that can be used for different purposes. 

TextBuilder is a definite substitute for Jasper, WriterZen, and Rytr. me and more.

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TextBuilder Lifetime deal Features

 TextBuilder is packed with features that are easy to use and highly advantageous for people who work with content on a regular basis. 

Some of the promising features that TextBuilder offers includes

Templates offered by TextBuilder 

  • Top 10 Best [product] Listicles
  • Affiliate Product Reviews
  • How-to Blog posts
  • Buyers Guide blog posts
  • more Affiliate and Blog Content
  • A long blog post for any niche
  • How-to style articles
  • Guest posts for blogs
  • E-Books
  • Articles for Fiverr, Upwork, etc.
  • Ads Copy (AIDA, PAS, Facebook, etc)
  • Social Media Content
  • Shopify/Amazon Product Descriptions
  • Texts for Websites
  • E-Mails

Why Choose TextBuilder lifetime deal?

TextBuilder AI Tool Pros and Cons
(TextBuilder Lifetime Deal)


Who can use the TextBuilder AI Tool?
Who should buy textbuilder lifetime deal? is a perfect Ai tool that works well with efficiency, speed, and accuracy. It is ideal for 

Affiliate Marketers: It is a perfect tool for affiliate marketers as it helps you generate excellent affiliate content that will get you the desired leads. 

Product Reviewers: Amazon affiliates and product reviewers can leverage TextBuilder to write excellent reviews. 

Ad Experts: Ad experts can use TextBuilder to beautifully craft their ads with creative ad copies. 

Bloggers: Bloggers can get convincing content written via TextBuilder that is of high quality and will also rank.

Unique Selling points of TextBuilder Lifetime deal

  • TextBuilder holds the capability to generate high-quality content within seconds. 
  • The AI is backed with high advanced GPT3 Neox which works on generating unique content.
  • It produces SEO-friendly content that is concise and can help you rank on the search engines. 
  • TextBuilder is one tool that highly supports and coordinates with the concept of Affiliate, making it very easy and convenient for affiliate marketers. 
  • The team of TextBuilder ensures regular updates in features and templates, making it even more handy and accessible. 

New Updates in TextBuilder lifetime deal for Black Friday 2022

For Amazon Associates, good news…

Here is a new template for product reviews: Why You Should Think About Purchasing This Product. providing a very lengthy output (from 160-230 words with one click)

The template creates extremely long text on the features of the item that begins, “Before purchasing a nice Bluetooth speaker, here are some features you may want to understand:”

A list of the product’s various features is shown.

every time. All of this text is available by simply copying and pasting an Amazon product title!

Amazon product titles should be longer. Results improve with longer titles.

Textbuilder ai vs Jasper - (Textbuilder is no less than jasper)

Features Textbuilder Jasper
$99 /one time
$24/ month
Free trial
30,000 words/month
20,000 words/month
AI Templates
Chat Support
Assisted Content Creation
Third Party Integrations
Writing Length
Long-Form Writing
Short Copywriting

TextBuilder lifetime deal Reviews & Ratings (from existing clients)

TextBuilder Ai Review

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TextBuilder AI Tool Pricing Plans

Textbuilder Lifetime Deal:

This offer should not be missed. They are offering a temporary LTD plan under which you would get 30,000 words each month.

Startup Agency Enterprise
75,000 Words / month
1,50,000 Words / monthly
2,50,000 Words / monthly
1-Click Article Generator
1-Click Article Generator
1-Click Article Generator
1-Click Draft Wizard
1-Click Draft Wizard
1-Click Draft Wizard
AI Long-Form Writer
AI Long-Form Writer
AI Long-Form Writer
AI Text Builder + ReGenerator
AI Text Builder + ReGenerator
AI Text Builder + ReGenerator
Automated Listicle Builder
Automated Listicle Builder
Automated Listicle Builder
Topic Idea Generator
Topic Idea Generator
Topic Idea Generator
Talkin Points Generator
Talkin Points Generator
Talkin Points Generator
Custom Templates Builder
Custom Templates Builder
Custom Templates Builder
3 Team Seats
5 Team Seats
10 Team Seats
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Projects
All Results History
All Results History
All Results History
90+ Copywriting Tools
90+ Copywriting Tools
90+ Copywriting Tools

Final Verdict on TextBuilder Lifetime deal

While some people think that TextBuilder is only good for those who want to create content for the web or blog, it is a tool that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. 

It can be used to create any kind of content, whether it is text, articles, web pages, or any other type of content that you want. Some people believe that it is not possible to write high-quality content with the help of AI tools by completely relying on it. 

TextBuilder is set to prove them wrong. I would recommend TextBuilder as it is extremely beginner friendly and accurate when compared to its competitors. 

While it lacks a few basic features, it still makes up for it by offering unique features and services that can greatly improve your content and the team of TextBuilder is always working on bettering their game by introducing new updates regularly. 

I Would insist on giving it a try as it is uncomplicated and easy to use. 

FAQs on TextBuilder AI Tool

Yes, you get a 14 day refund option where you can try and test the tool for yourself and seek a refund if left unsatisfied with its performance.

No, as of now. There is no inbuilt plagiarism checker.

Unfortunately, TextBuilder does not support or have a grammar checker.

TextBuilder supports all the languages from DeepL API.

TextBuilder is best useful for Amazon affiliate reviews and creative and high quality blog posts.

Yes, you can sign up for a free account without a credit card. However, the free version offers limited features to try.

You get to pay a one-time payment of $79 with 14 days money back guarantee.

You get 30k words per month with the ability to generate 1k words in 35 seconds. You also get access to 90+ templates, AI Long form editor, custom template builder and 1 click draft wizard.

Yes, you can do that at any given time. The process is simple as well.

TextBuilder AI Tool Customer Support Options

Email support: You can get in touch with the team of TextBuilder by reaching out to them at 

Contact Form: They also provide a content form wherein you can fill in your name, and email address along with your concerned query.

Support Ticket (Members Only):  You can submit a support ticket only if you’re an existing member, needing support with the tool.