Wordtune AI Writer Tool Review 2022

AI Writer Can it write better than human?

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Are you looking for ways to improve your content? Are you interested in making the most out of your blog and creating more engaging content? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. Wordtune is a powerful tool that can help you improve the quality of your writing. Wordtune is a free online content creation platform that helps writers produce high-quality, compelling, SEO-optimized content for your blog, website, or social media channels. The aim of this article is to show you how to get started with Wordtune AI-powered content writing tool and whether it is worth the hype. Here’s a detailed review of Wordtune including its features, pricing and tool benefits for you to help make a better decision. 

What is Wordtune AI Writing Tool?

WordTune AI Writer is a Text-to-Speech (TTS) tool that converts written text into natural-sounding speech. The WordTune AI Writer is capable of generating thousands of variations of TTS to produce high-quality human-sounding voices in any language.

It is a text generator that helps you write better. With WordTune, you can create content more quickly and efficiently, while also improving the quality of your writing and communication.

The tool helps improve your writing by suggesting words that are more relevant and appropriate within the context of your writing, or by correcting common mistakes like grammar errors or misused homophones (e.g., “they’re” vs. “there”).

It is an AI-powered content optimizer with no learning curve and in simple words, WordTune is an easy way to improve your writing and get past stuck points by automatically generating high-quality content and is the perfect partner for any project.

Wordtune is an advanced neural machine translation that writes articles in over 20 languages. It automatically writes original, well-researched English text from scratch by using different artificial intelligence algorithms and a vast database of words and phrases. It also automates the process of writing persuasive content that attracts your readers. With just a few clicks, you can produce a perfect article or blog post in 10 minutes or less. The technology that powers Wordtune will automatically format and structure content, compose unique articles in real time, and produce articles that are clearly written and highly readable by humans and search engines alike.

Enter your text and let WORDTUNE AI WRITER handle the rest. It is an AI writer that makes your writing great at the touch of a button. Wordtune AI Writer adapts to your style so you can focus on what matters by understanding your goal and message. Generate unique, succinct, and topically relevant content that makes you sound like an expert, all with the help of Wordtune. 

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Easy To Use: Wordtune AI Writer is easy to use. You can create a simple outline, add keywords and phrases, and let Wordtune do the rest.

Timesaving: Wordtune AI Writer will save you a lot of time by writing your content for you. You can focus more on strategy and less on writing.

Quality Content: Wordtune AI Writer will create high-quality content that is not only engaging but also SEO friendly.

Cost-effective: Another benefit of using Wordtune AI Writer is that it saves money. Instead of paying someone else to write content for you, you can use this tool instead!

Increased productivity: Wordtune AI Writer will help you write more content in less time.

Unlimited access: You can use Wordtune AI Writer as much as you want without having to pay for it.

Authenticity: It is very easy to make your content look more professional with the help of Wordtune AI Writer.

Wordtune AI Writer Tool Pros and Cons


Who can use the Wordtune AI Writer Tool?

I used the Wordtune AI Writer for my website and it helped me create content that I would have never been able to write. It was so useful that I ended up using the AI Writer for many other projects as well.

If you are someone who needs content written but doesn’t have the time or skillset to do so yourself, then this tool is worth checking out. 

Writers: If you are a writer who wants to focus on what matters most and spend more time creating content, the Wordtune AI Writer is the tool for you. The AI Writer will save you time and energy by allowing you to create amazing content without having to worry about writing it yourself.

Business owners: If you want your business to grow but don’t have enough time in your schedule then this tool is going to be an absolute godsend!

Marketing managers: If you are a marketing manager who wants to spend more time on your marketing strategy and less time writing content, the Wordtune AI Writer is going to be an incredible tool for you. You don’t need to worry about creating high-quality content anymore because the AI Writer will do it for you!

Salespeople: If you want to write better sales emails that lead to conversions, then this tool is perfect for you!

Bloggers: If you are a blogger who wants to spend more time on your blog and less time writing content, the Wordtune AI Writer is going to be an incredible tool for you. You don’t need to worry about creating high-quality content anymore because the AI Writer will do it for you!

Social media managers: If you are a social media manager who wants to spend more time on your strategy and less time writing content, then WordTune AI Writer is going to be an incredible tool for you.

Copywriters: If you are a copywriter who wants better and innovative copies that sell out, you can achieve that with Wordtune. 

Wordtune AI Writer Tool Customer Reviews & Ratings

Wordtune AI Writer Tool Pricing Plans


-You get access to Wordtune AI Writer’s basic features, including the ability to rewrite your content

-The free plan offers a limited amount of content per month (500 words)


You get access to Wordtune AI Writer’s advanced features, including the ability to rewrite your content

$9.99 / month

Rewrite: Unlimited

Casual & Formal Tones: Unlimited

Shorten & Expand: Unlimited

Paragraph Rewrite :

Premium Support




Rewrite: Unlimited

Casual & Formal Tones: Unlimited

Shorten & Expand: Unlimited

Paragraph Rewrite

Premium Support

Team Billing: Pay as a team

Final Verdict on Wordtune AI Writing Tool

In conclusion, I would recommend Wordtune AI Writer if you need a tool that can write articles for your blog or website. It has some great features such as advanced plagiarism checks and proofreading tools. It is the ultimate tool for businesses that need to generate huge amounts of content daily. The great thing about this tool is its ease of use, it can be integrated into any business in just a few minutes without extensive training or learning curves. WordTune AI Writer is a great tool for anyone who wants to bring their written communications up to the next level. Whether you’re a professional or not, using this software will help you manage your projects, as well as give you time to focus on other aspects of your career. With this tool, you can decrease your workload and improve your writing skills when writing different types of documents. You can also check out some other AI writing tool alternatives to Wordtune and pick the one that best suits your niche.

FAQs | Wordtune AI Writer Tool Review 2022

You can use Wordtune in just about all places you do your writing! Google Docs, Gmail, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Web Outlook, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp Web,… you name it!

Google Chrome: head to your Chrome Web Store to add Wordtune. Highlight your text, click the purple Wordtune icon, and prepare to be wowed.

Microsoft Edge: you’ll find us in the Add-on Store. Highlight your text, click the purple Wordtune icon, and prepare to be wowed.

Wordtune Editor Site: You can also write directly in the online Wordtune Editor to see more suggestions and tips!

Microsoft Word: find us in the Add-Ins store in Microsoft Office or online on Microsoft 365.

We just launched a Beta version with Wordtune for Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac devices! Office 2016, Office 2019, and Microsoft 365 are all supported! Read more about it in our article, Wordtune for Microsoft Word.

Embedded with our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence, Wordtune will rewrite and uplevel your writing whether you have a free or Premium account.
Without a Premium account, you will not have access to key features such as changing the Tone of your writing from Casual to Formal and expanding/shortening the length of your paper or article. Free accounts have a limited amount of rewrites per day. Our Premium users have access to as many rewrites as they want, using copious amounts of language features as they are invented! Premium members can also rewrite whole paragraphs at a time!

Most certainly! As a team ourselves, we understand how pivotal Wordtune is in making us far more productive, proficient, and articulate! We get double the work done in half the time, so naturally, we offer this invaluable efficiency hack to you – drop us a line at so we can get you set up.

Wordtune is a lifesaver for non-native English speakers worldwide! Wordtune can actually translate Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi, Korean, Hebrew, or Russian into English, then rewrite and edit your English!

Wordtune will never take content directly from other literature or sites! We built our own AI algorithm and taught it to make suggestions on your writing from its completely original words.

For the techies out there, Wordtune is an ingenious Machine Learning model trained from enormous datasets of written material to learn proficiency and patterns of the English language of the highest grade.

No way! We write with you, help defeat the Writer’s Block with you, and then we do the heavy lifting of editing, rephrasing, rewriting, and redrafting based on your preferences. We do not just edit and revise like other tools online; we transform your thoughts into ideas, just as a writing professor or tutor would.

Yes! As a student or educator with a valid and active .edu email address or working for a non-profit/NGO, you are eligible for a 40% discount for our annual or monthly plans. To apply, please email discounts@wordtune.comfrom your academic email address. It may take up to 2 working days to process each application.

No worries whatsoever! You’re still Premium in our book :)

To reinstall in Chrome, simply add it here. If the purple ‘w’ disappeared from your toolbar, click the puzzle piece Extension button in the top right corner of your Chrome window, and click the thumbtack pin to keep it by your side on any site. With Wordtune pinned to your toolbar, simply click on the handy purple Wordtune logo to log in with your Premium account details. Anddd you’re all set!

Wordtune generates suggestions by identifying patterns and principles of the strongest writing in human language using hundreds of thousands of body text.  Every so often, it may write you a suggestion that slightly changes the meaning of the text or offers phrases and ideas that are common to that which you write. We cannot see your writing, but AI has learned from all existing writing, tailoring its suggestions to your own topic and word choice. We built it as an expert in all types of writing, so we give it some creative freedom, which means that some suggestions may seem out of context or irrelevant to you.

We’re building offline functionality as we speak!  Currently, you can rewrite and edit with Wordtune when you’re connected to the internet.

We love hearing from users to find more ways to improve based on your needs. Please send your feedback or suggestions to us by clicking on the messenger button in the bottom right-hand corner of this page. Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot offer refunds, but you can downgrade to a free plan before the next billing cycle on your account page under “Manage Plan.”

Our support team is available via the Messenger widget in the bottom right corner of this page. Drop us a line! We’re looking forward to being in touch.

Wordtune AI Writer Tool Customer Support Options

I have used customer support in the past, and I can say that it’s pretty good. The support team is responsive and helpful.

LIVE CHAT SUPPORT: You can contact the support team via live chat or email. They respond within a few minutes and are happy to help you out.

EMAIL SUPPORT: You can also contact the support team via email. They respond within a few hours and are happy to help you out. You can find their email address on the main website.

PHONE SUPPORT: You can also contact the support team via phone. They respond within a few minutes and are happy to help you out. You can find their phone number on the main website.

VIDEO TUTORIALS: The support team has a video library of tutorials that are very helpful if you’re having trouble with a specific type of task. You can find the link to their video library on the main website.

THE BENEFITS OF Wordtune AI Writing Tool

There are many benefits to using Wordtune AI Writer. Some of the top benefits include:

-Instant access to a pool of writers who can write content for you at any time.

-Content that is always relevant and up to date with your brand’s voice and tone.

-The ability to scale up or down your content production without having to hire more people in-house (reducing costs).

-Save time and effort by writing more articles

– Get your content written for you by AI and human writers

-Reduced workload to produce more content

-More time for strategy and research

-Reduced stress levels due to less manual work

– Your content will be written at a higher quality than ever before, making it easier for people to read, understand and share.

How to create engaging content with the help of a Wordtune AI Writer?

You can create engaging content in just a few minutes by using your existing content, templates and images.

The AI writer will help you create more content that is relevant to your audience, which improves engagement and conversions.

WordTune AI Writer uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to understand what people want from your website or blog without needing to explain it in detail.

  1. Select the type of content you want the AI writer to create for you, then provide any relevant existing content, templates and images that could be used as a basis for this new piece of content.
  2. Click Start Writing to begin! WordTune’s AI Writer will use NLP technology to understand what people want from your website or blog without needing to explain it in detail.
  3.  The AI Writer will then create a new piece of content for you, which can be edited and published if you wish to use it.

  4. If you don’t have time to write, or just want to see what an AI-powered writer can do, then WordTune is the ideal tool for creating engaging content at scale!

    WORDTUNE has 5 Options

    1. Casual
    2. Formal
    3. Shorten
    4. Expand
    5. Rewrite


    Casual writing is the most common form of content on the web. It’s an ideal choice for blogs and other websites that want to engage their readers with fresh, exciting copies.

    Casual is the easiest option for those who need basic content that doesn’t have to be heavily edited or rewritten.

    Casual will only create one piece of content per keyword, which means you can expect a relatively small amount of new content using this method

    Decide on a topic that you want to write about.

    1. Set up your keyword list and choose the type of content you want to create. For example, if you’re creating a blog about fitness and weight loss, you might choose one keyword: “how to lose weight fast.”
    2. Input this keyword into the WORDTUNE AI Writer and select the Casual option from the drop-down menu.
    3. Click “Generate Content” and wait for the results to appear in a new window.
    4. Read through the content and make any necessary changes or additions before publishing it on your website or blog.


    Write in a formal tone for professional, business-related content. This is most commonly used for blogs, articles and other types of marketing materials that are written from the perspective of an expert or authority on a particular subject.

    This is the most difficult method of creating content. While it will allow you to create more in-depth and thought-provoking content, it requires a lot of time and effort.

    1. Choose a topic that interests you and think about how this could be turned into several different types of content.

    For example, if your niche is fitness and weight loss, you might look at how each topic could be expanded or broken down into different subtopics (e.g., diet vs exercise).

    1. Create some rough drafts based on these ideas before working on them any further or turning them into full articles or blog posts
    2. Once you’ve created a few rough drafts, re-read them and look for ways to make them more concise or elaborate on certain points.

    This will help you create content that is more detailed and in-depth, rather than just a few paragraphs.


    A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that if they have a lot to say, they should write a long article. Unfortunately, this can be counterproductive:

    If you have too much content on one page, readers will feel overwhelmed and won’t want to read it. Instead, make sure that each paragraph is as concise as possible while still conveying all the information you need it to. It might take some time for you

    1. Read through your article and look for sentences that are longer than 15 words
    2. Cut out any unnecessary words or phrases (e.g., “very”, “really”)
    3. Use shorter words (e.g., instead of “exhaustive” try “complete”). This will make your writing more concise and easier to read
    4. Finally, if you want to take this a step further, try changing your sentences into questions or short paragraphs

    You have the shorter option in wordtune where this will remove any unnecessary words or phrases and make your writing more concise.


    If you’re writing a paragraph, try adding examples of anecdotes that illustrate your point. This can be as simple as using a few sentences to describe an experience that supports your argument.

    If you’re writing an essay, look for ways to strengthen each paragraph by adding more details and evidence.

    By using the Expand Option in Wordtune, it will help you add more information to your sentences, paragraphs and essays. The expand option will allow you to add more details by adding words or phrases that are related to what you were thinking about when writing.

    -Go to the Wordtune application and click on “Start Writing”

    -Type what you want to write in the box that appears

    -If you want to add content, click on “Expand” and then select a word or phrase that is related to your topic. This will expand into additional sentences.

How to rewrite an article to improve the quality of content with the Wordtune AI Writer Tool?

Wordtune AI Writer is a unique feature that will help you rewrite your content by providing suggestions based on the context of what was submitted by you. The more you use this feature, the better it will get at understanding your writing style and making suggestions that fit in with your goals. 

Finding the right words can be difficult. You may have a good idea of what you want but cannot find the right combination of words to express it. Wordtune AI Writer helps with this by suggesting different word combinations that can be used in place of what you originally typed.


  1. Open Wordtune AI Writer
  2. Click on the “Rewrite” tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Select all of your content by clicking on it with your mouse or keyboard and then click “Copy” at the bottom of your screen.
  4. Paste your content into the “Input Content” box at the bottom of the screen and click “Begin Rewrite.”
  5. Choose from one of the three options: A) Use Wordtune AI Writer’s suggestions as is B) Select which suggestions you want to use or C) Write your own sentences