Quillbot AI Tool Review 2022

AI Writer Can it write better than human?

Reading Time: 6 Mins | Author: Ravi Varma

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Content creation is a time-consuming task. With the rise of the internet, the number of people creating content has increased. If you want to stand out, you need to create unique and valuable content. However, as you know, the process of creating quality content can be a real challenge and I’m sure you’re looking for an alternative that can speed up your content and make it unique. If yes, then you’ve come to the right place! We will be reviewing a new AI writer tool called QUILLBOT in this article. QUILLBOT AI Writer is a very intelligent system that can write content for you in any niche, in any style, and with any tone of voice. We will give you a detailed review of its features, pricing plans, and benefits and leave it up to you to try it out for yourself. 

What is Quillbot AI Writer Tool?

A conversational tone generator, QUILLBOT AI Writer uses Artificial Intelligence to generate professionally written content on any given topic based on your requirements, the psychology of persuasion, and persuasive writing techniques. It will improve your writing and make it easier for you to write powerful content.

 Quillbot can write any text for you and make it unique. You can use the service to generate articles, blog posts, comments, web content, forum posts, and much more.

Quillbot AI Writer is a writing assistant that can help you write any form of content and make it creative and unique. It comes as a web browser extension and can be leveraged to write excellent content with quality and clarity as its priority.

QuillBot AI Writer is a simple, easy-to-use tool for aspiring authors and writers. It will help you write better, by helping you create your own creative and genuine content that your target audience is looking for.

QuillBot AI Writer is a revolutionary new writing tool that will improve the way you write as it can also help you write larger quantities of text, faster and better than ever before!

It generates content that’s always accurate and relevant. Quillbot is based on an AI that is trained on years of knowledge so that you don’t have to be. It is designed for delivering fresh, targeted content to all your social media profiles, blog posts, and email campaigns, providing you with the best SEO results at a low cost per word.

This software was developed to help you improve your writing skills by providing feedback on your content. It is a revolutionary new product that allows you to convert your ideas into text. 

Gone are the days of having to spend countless hours writing articles yourself.

With QUILLBOT AI Writer, all you need to do is give it an outline of what you want to be written and it will do the rest for you. It is capable of writing in any niche, on any topic, and at any length with the prime goal being not only to save you time but to also provide quality content that gets results.

QuillBot is an innovative tool that will write better than you from scratch and is believed to be the only tool that guarantees high-quality output and content generation in less time.

It can instantly create literary masterpieces that do not even look like computer-generated writing, but rather like the work of a skilled writer.

QuillBot AI Writer is your QuillBot! It’s like having an expert editor on your side to help you improve your writing, boost SEO, and focus on what matters most.

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Quillbot AI Writer Tool Pros and Cons

QuillBot gives you a number of advantages over professional human writers.


Who can use Quillbot AI Writer Tool?

I have used the QuillBot AI Writer software to create content for my blog and I have seen a visible increase in traffic and blog engagement. If you are looking to generate more content with less effort, this tool is worth a try!

Anyone with a creative streak who wants to express themselves through writing can make use of Quillbot. Some other people who can use Quillbot to improve their content quality daily include – 

-Writers: QuillBot AI Writer is a great tool for writers. It can help you write faster and more efficiently, allowing you to focus on other things in your life.

-Bloggers: Bloggers can use Quillbot to generate exciting and creative content that can resonate with their audiences. 

Journalists: If you are a journalist looking to generate case studies without having to spend much time on them, Quillbot could be the one for you.  

-Content Creators: If you are a content creator, this tool will save you time and effort when it comes to generating new content that matches your target audience. 

Students: You can easily write essays and research papers faster and quicker with Quillbot. 

-Authors: If you are an author, this tool will save you time and energy when it comes to generating new content for your books in the form of fresh ideas, options, and scene plots. 

Quillbot AI Writer Tool Customer Reviews & Ratings

Quillbot AI Writer Tool Pricing Plans

Quillbot has 2 pricing plans

  1. FREE




Final Verdict on AI Writing Tool

QuillBot AI Writer provides you with a professional writing style that gets better over time. It is especially useful for those who have no time to write but want to convey their message in the best possible way. QuillBot AI Writer automatically writes articles for you and provides you with the freedom to write without emotions, biases, and limitations. It is optimized for contentment and ease of use.

From my research, I can say that QuillBot is an amazing piece of software that can help you write articles. It has been tested on a wide range of different features and they all worked great. All in all, it’s an excellent piece of software that helps you with your writing and lets you focus more on the important things in life. You can also check out some of the other AI writing tool reviews for a better understanding. 

FAQs | Quillbot AI Tool Review 2022

No — we do not offer any B2B or B2C API at this time.

QuillBot was created as a full-sentence thesaurus to help students and professionals write more confidently and quickly. And so far, we’ve succeeded: our users have employed the tools on our platform to prepare doctoral theses, craft legal emails, document translation, and create online content, among a variety of other projects. 

Well, we’d like to think so. For as low as 9.99 USD/month, you’re receiving up to 20,000 more characters to work with, 7x the amount of sentences that can be processed at once, and 4 extra writing modes, among other benefits. If you like the free features that QuillBot offers, the Premium benefits will be worth it.

QuillBot does not yet have a mobile app. Here’s what we do have: extensions, available for Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs. QuillBot’s website also has a mobile interface, so all of our tools can be used on the go.

Not if used as intended. QuillBot is designed to write with the user, strengthening original ideas and text. If a user takes someone else’s writing and tries to pass it off as their own, that is considered cheating, whether QuillBot was used or not. It is necessary to cite all outside sources to avoid plagiarism. 

QuillBot’s 3-day money back guarantee is an assurance we provide to consumers that if they aren’t satisfied with the product, don’t find they need it, or otherwise need to cancel their subscription (life happens!) we’ll refund the purchase in full if it’s within 3 days of purchase and you’re still otherwise eligible!

To be eligible, a user can ask for a refund within 3 days of making the purchase, and may only do so once. This guarantee is only valid for users who have never used it before; users who have previously received a refund are not eligible. This is to avoid any potential abuse.

Currently, all payments are billed in USD. When using a credit card, the currency will be automatically converted to USD.

Quillbot Tool Customer Support Options

I have used the customer support of QuillBot and I can say that they are highly responsive and helpful which means that you won’t have to worry about getting stuck because of a problem with the software or not knowing how it works.

LIVE CHAT SUPPORT: -QuillBot offers live chat support. This means that you can chat with a QuillBot representative at any time of the day or night. This is good because it will make things easier for you if you need help with anything, and also because it means that there will be someone available for questions 24/7.

EMAIL SUPPORT: -QuillBot offers email support wherein you can send an email with any questions or concerns regarding QuillBot, and they will revert as soon as possible.

PHONE SUPPORT: -QuillBot offers phone support wherein you can call a QuillBot representative at any time during business hours, and they will be able to help you with whatever questions or concerns you may have.

VIDEO TUTORIALS: -QuillBot offers video tutorials for you to watch a video with step-by-step instructions for any feature or function of QuillBot, and it will make things easier for you if you need help with anything.


Time Saving: As mentioned above, this tool will save you time when it comes to writing. It is especially useful if you are a student or writer who frequently generates content in a similar style and format.

Less Effort: This tool will also save you the extra effort as it automates most of the process involved in writing.

For example, if your essay is due tomorrow but all of your sources are not available yet, this tool will help by generating a list of additional resources that may be useful to include in your paper.

User friendly: The user interface is very simple, and fun to use. You can explore the different content genres and styles available, or create your own based on your requirements. 

Faster & Effective: Another benefit of using QuillBot is that it is fast and easy to use. All you need to do is enter a few key details about your essay and choose a topic from the list provided.

Convenient: This tool is very convenient for students who are pressed for time, as it allows you to write your essay without having to worry about finding sources and formatting them correctly.

Diverse range of topics: QuillBot has a wide range of topics and genres available that you can pick from to match your content necessities. 

Hassle-free: The bot will automatically generate an essay for you, without any hassle or confusion.

Easy to Use: The QuillBot is easy to use, even for students who have never used an AI-based tool before. All you need to do is enter the topic of your essay, select your language and start writing!

Accuracy: The bot will automatically check your essay for grammar and spelling errors, so you won’t have to worry about making a mistake.

Grammar Check: QuillBot will check your essay for grammatical errors, making sure that everything is spelled correctly and that there are no mistakes in the sentence structure.

100% Plagiarism free: QuillBot will check your essay for plagiarism, making sure that it is original and has not been copied from any other source.


To create content using QuillBot AI Writer, you need to have a clear idea about your essay and then select a language. You get 3 different language options that can be chosen from English, French and Spanish.

The next step is to input the topic into the search bar. Once you’ve done so, QuillBot will automatically generate ideas for your essay based on the topic that you have suggested. Once this has been done, all that’s left for you to do is start writing!

  1. Select the language you wish to write in (English, French or Spanish).
  2. Input a topic into the search bar and select “Generate Ideas”.
  3. Click on “Start Writing” once you’re ready.
  4. You can either write your essay in the box below or use the “Generate Ideas” button to get a few ideas for your essay.
  5. Once you’re done writing your essay, click “Generate Essay” and QuillBot will automatically format it for you.
  6. If you want to make any changes to the essay, click on “Edit” and make the necessary modifications.
  7. To see the final version of your essay, click on “View Essay”.


The best thing about the paraphrasing tool is that you can use it for your writing, research purposes, and more. The paraphrasing tool allows you to rewrite sentences quickly and easily without having to worry about plagiarism.

You can modify the way a sentence or paragraph reads without changing the meaning too much. This is a great feature for bloggers who are looking to expand their reach.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click on the paraphrasing tool.
  2. Type in your sentence or paragraph and click on “Paraphrase”.
  3. Select the level of paraphrasing you want from our drop-down menu: Very Similar, Somewhat Similar, or Not Very Similar at All.
  4. Click on “Paraphrase Now” to see the results of your paraphrasing.
  5. Click on the “View Paraphrases” button to see all of your paraphrases in one place.
  6. Choose one that works best for your post and click “Paraphrase” again.


The Co-Writer tool is a great way to collaborate with other writers. If you are working on an article with someone else, this tool allows you both to work on the same document at the same time without overwriting each other’s changes.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click on the co-writer tool.
  2. Type in your sentence or paragraph and click on “Co-write”
  3. Select the level of co-writing you want from our drop-down menu: Very Similar, Somewhat Similar, or Not Very Similar at All

4 .Click on “Co-write Now” to see the results of your co-writing

  1. If you are happy with the results, click on “Accept”. If not, click on “Try Again” to try a different co-writer
  2. Once you accept a co-write, the document will open in a new tab and you can edit it as you normally would.


A citation generator is a tool that allows you to easily create citations for your projects. You can use this tool to cite books, articles, websites, and more.

The citation generator will give you the information needed for each of the citation types: author, title, publisher, publication date, and page numbers.

  1. Go to the citation generator and click on the type of source you want to cite
  2. Enter in the information for each field and click “Generate Citation”
  3. Once you have generated your citation, copy it into your project
  4. When citing a book, make sure that all of the information is correct: author’s name


A summarizer is a tool that helps you to quickly summarize long texts. It allows you to save time by creating a summary of any article or book in just a few seconds.

  1. Go to the summarizer and enter the URL of the website where your text is located
  2. Click “Generate Summary” and wait for it to load
  3. When it is done, click “Show Summary” to see the summary and copy it into your project
  4. If you want, you can edit the summary by clicking on each section of text and changing the wording or adding additional information


Quillbot is a tool that allows you to rewrite articles. It will give you an original article and prompt you with questions about the content, which it then uses to create a new, unique article for your project.

  1. Go to quillbot, enter your website URL, and click “Generate Article”
  2. Wait for it to load and click on “Generate Text”
  3. Click “Show Article” to see the original text 
  4. Modify the article as per your choice. 
  5. Click “Generate Text” again when you’re done
  6. Click on “Show New Article” to see the new text